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Solo Elite News

Solo Elite is proud to announce that =S*E= Ranger has been promoted to Commanding Officer of our Counter Strike: Global Offensive division! Already dubbed as the next 'Kim' (lol Wiz) the CS:GO TS3 channel has been renamed to celebrate this latest 'democratic' promotion. All jokes aside please rest assured everyone that Ranger is no dictator and will do all of us proud in his latest appointment! Ranger, also Known as the 'one-man army' is based in the US and is actively involved in all Solo Elite games. He is a passionate Twitch Streamer and one hell of a friend to us all. Congratulations bro, very well deserved!

=S*E= RattleR ADMIN Way to go! Ranger
=S*E= Fenumeher ADMIN Hail o glorious leader!
=S*E= Baracuda ADMIN Congratz Ranger!

The DLC most of the players have been waiting for (and were hoping for) is finaly here! Tomorrow Season Pass owners can start flying around the Death Star but also fighting across 5 new maps! A few weapons have been added as well but most importantly 2 new heroes make their entrance! Chewbacca (Chewy for friends) and the bounty hunter Bossk are now available for the Rebel (scum) and Sith army. If you don't have a Season Pass you will have to wait a few more days.

=S*E= Fenumeher ADMIN Oi who took sexy Chewy away!?
=S*E= Baracuda ADMIN Looks very good !
=S*E= FULCON-ARROW ADMIN This DLC looks awesome! So much so that I am very tempted to reinstall Battlefront and give it a whirl!

Valve has swung its mighty ban hammer the last few days and dropped it on 11,435 heads which is the highest number in a year. It seems like Valve upgraded VAC to detect multiple hard-to-catch paid cheats which before it only worked to catch hackers and cheaters red-handed.

Solo-Elite approves!

A dataminer managed to dig up data from Terra Prime, a big UEE city in Star Citizen, and made a 3D model of the data. Doing so he shows the scale of the city and it is indeed big!

You can check the 3D model out here but be sure to use a strong pc or laptop when doing so because otherwise it might get messy! LINK

=S*E= Baracuda ADMIN Awesome Fen ! A second ssd is badly needed as the game progresses.
=S*E= Fenumeher ADMIN If that is the scale of their cities (although Terra Prime is the biggest city next to the Earth cities (so far)) than t...
=S*E= FULCON-ARROW ADMIN Good find, looks interesting indeed. Think I will have to invest in Star Citizen as the game progresses. This will be hu...
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