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The official Solo Elite Battlefield 1 Team Emblem is out and ready for members to use if they choose to do so! Once equipped, your emblem will display on your soldiers uniform, weapons and more! To equip your emblem click on this link (you may need to log in) and then simply click 'add to gallery' followed by 'equip'.

=S*E= FULCON-ARROW ADMIN Battle Companion has been playing up today! Give it a try after :)
=S*E= Lureei Thx! Wont allow me to put it in gallery for som wierd reason.....
=S*E= Baracuda ADMIN Done! Cool tnx for sharing.

Solo Elite has partnered with Kinguin, the worlds largest video game market place alternative to Steam, Origin and to bring you the latest and cheapest games on offer on the web! Simply click on any of the Kinguin banners on the website and you will be redirected to their website to make your purchase. Use promotion code 'sepromo' (without the quotes) and you will receive Solo Elite discounted pricing. In addition Solo Elite will earn a commision on your purchase which will be used to fund Solo Elite servers, and competitions to win prizes such as new games, in-game content and merchandise such as Solo Elite embroidered hoodies!

You don't even have to be a Solo Elite member as this brilliant offer is extended to Solo Elite friends and guests! For more information visit our Forum and try out our new Kinguin widget banner or click on any one of the Kinguin banners on the Solo Elite Games News pages!

=S*E= FULCON-ARROW ADMIN Discount code 'sepromo' is now working :)
=S*E= Baracuda ADMIN wow cool!
=S*E= RoguE Awesome, I have also bought plenty of stuff from this site in the past.

More details have been made available regarding Battlefield 1's Server Rental program. EA/Dice have confirmed that rented servers will be available in November. A feature which won't be included in the initital role out is the function to kick/ban players, however EA/Dice have confirmed this will be included at a slightly later date due to popular demand. Prices appear to be linked to the amount of days you rent the server rather then how many slots you have, for example to rent a server for 180 days it will cost $149 (£121) or £30 per month. It is not yet clear if there will be an additional cost for more player slots, or high tick rate servers. For more information click here.

=S*E= RoguE I wouldn't assume anything with EA Fen. I can't believe they expect people to pay for a server that they do n...
=S*E= Fenumeher ADMIN If that is the price its not bad! We can almost assume these prices are most likely for 30 man servers. Renting a BF4 se...

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Solo Elite Battlefield 1 competition for your chance to win a free copy of Battlefield 1 on the PC! It was great to see quite a few people take part in promoting our Social Network sites by liking, shareing and retweeting content. Statistically however, there was only one outright winner who was head and shoulders above the rest... *DRUM ROLL* huge congratulations to =S*E=Rogue aka the 're-tweet king' on winning a free copy of Battlefield 1. Rogue, please PM Rod to claim your prize, well done!

=S*E= Monkey09090 congratulations!
=S*E= RoguE Thanks guys :)
=S*E= RattleR ADMIN Well Done Matt !
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