We would like to welcome our newest members to the Solo Elite family. =S*E=TheFloyd our deadly assassin from the Netherlands was made a full member following a highly successful trial period gaming with us in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. In addition; =ScE= S0CX and =ScE= Snouty have joined us in PUBG all the way from South Africa! It won't be long until these guys earn there full membership status - that's for certain! Last but not least; AodxFoster joins us on trial from Liverpool, UK and also enjoys going after the Chicken Dinners in PUBG. Welcome to the team everyone, It's been an absolute pleasure gaming with you all, bring on the chicken!!!

=S*E= Fenumeher Welcome chaps!
=S*E= FULCON-ARROW Awesome Foster, looking forward to more games together :)
=ScE=AodxFoster thank you Its been great gaming with you all and theres loads more to come !!!!!!